Social ministry

On May 28-29 the annual meeting of the rehabilitation centers has taken place.

This service has been carried out for 12 years. About 1000 people were at this holiday.

In comparison with 2015 rehabilitation service has extended for 25%. There are 31 rehabilitation centers (the rehabilitation centers work in Riga and Finland too).

You see on these photos people, whose life was changed by God.

The famous preacher and the missionary Sergey Gavrilov has also been invited to a holiday. The testimony of his life was also very actual.

In our church the team of external rehabilitation works has been working since 2007. We distribute invitations, stick-up announcements with contact phone numbers where it is possible to ask for the help at any time. For 2015 our service has expanded the habitual borders.

We help women who are in difficult circumstances. We will surely help people to grow in faith and tell them about God's love.

The author of material is Olga Manyukova

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