Christian radio

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Transworld Radio (St. Petersburg)

Transworld radio — the world's largest Christian broadcasting network. It exists since 1954 and broadcasts more than in 225 languages in 160 countries. TMR carries out the broadcasting through 2.800 transferring stations worldwide, on short, average waves and FM, and also on satellite channels and on the Internet. In Russia TMR there are more than 20 years.

To listen: Transworld radio


Radio "Hope Voice" (Tula)

Broadcasts of "the Hope Voice" can be heard today on air of Radio of Russia, "Family radio", Radio "Teos", the Tula radio and on waves of Adventist world radio. Broadcasts are addressed first of all to those who try to understand God, to find truth.

To listen: HOPE VOICE


Radio "Teos" (St. Petersburg)

Radio "Teos" is a Gospel in a context of modern life. Airs and interactive. Radio "Teos" is opportunity to talk about real life and is serious, and with humour. On air we speak about hope in all vital circumstances because we always have an alternative to all negative, pessimistic and hopeless.

To listen: TEOS


Radio "New Life" (Moscow)

«"New Life" - interdenominational radio, set themselves to serve the entire Christian community, regardless of denomination.

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Спутниковое христианское радио Новая Жизнь


Radio "Pilgrim" (Krasnodar)

In the modern world sated with new technologies, the Gospel remains same actual, as well as earlier, or perhaps even more as the modern world is extremely changeable. And only God's Word always remains the reliable and strong basis. To bear this Word – the big privilege, God-given.

To listen: PILGRIM



"Absolutely Other Radio" (Tomsk)

Here you will hear modern and qualitative music... From morning to evening you the easy fate with the gospel elements waits. And evening and night in our air is installed the club music, known and not so DJs, in direct and curve air, won't allow you to fall asleep... We combined, it would seem not compatible club bits and heavy basses having united it everything in one stream of a positive. In our transfers we will acquaint you with different musicians, groups and certainly we will show other music.


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Musical channel

Colloquial channel

Radio "Angel" (Pskov)

Radio "Angel" - Christian Internet radio which not only broadcasts Christian songs and music, but also interesting transfers. On radio "Angel" you will find records of transfers with musicians, Christian news, good Christian music, the airs from studio and communication in a chat.

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"Radio Maria" (St. Petersburg)

"Radio Maria" - the international family of Christian educational radio stations based at the end of the past century in Northern Italy. Today call signs "Radio Maria" sound already in 53 countries of the world, among which, certainly, Italy, and also: The USA, France, Germany, Australia, Lebanon, Argentina, Mozambique and some other the countries in different corners of Earth where the broadcasting is conducted in the native language of each people. All radio stations are integrated into uniform system.

To listen: Radio Maria


"Emmanuil" radio: