Seminar on a hermeneutics

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On February, 5th there was an interesting seminar on a hermeneutics in our church.

The leader of a seminar - the teacher of the Moscow Theological Seminary, the Master of divinity, Cand.Phil.Sci. Gennady Savin.

The word and concept "Hermeneutics" occurs from the name Hermes who was god of the Greek Olympus. He had to inform people about will of gods, and also to interpret sacred legends of the Greek religion.

HERMENEUTICS (from greek. ἑρμηνεύω — to explain) sets the general principles concerning of interpretations of the texts which have spiritual depth.

What the bible hermeneutics is necessary for? Perhaps, we simply should read the Bible where there is all necessary things for our spiritual development?

Necessity of interpretation of the Scriptures follows from its literary features. In the Bible many things are hidden. It demands active reflection of the reader. German philologist E.Auerbah said: "the bible story always needs interpretation". Through studying and understanding of the Scriptures people learn about God and about the world. The Lord learns us through Bible to live and to believe. If we misunderstand the Scriptures, then we have a false representations both about God, and about salvation. It is impossible to base our theology and our life on wrong interpretation of the Bible. Hence, hermeneutics has huge value for as, because it helps us to understand Bible.

About 15 persons gathered for this seminar. All of them participate in many church services. This seminar is very useful for everyone.