Brothers' conference

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On September 29 brothers' meeting has taken place in Yaroslavl Baptist church.

Brothers from the Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Vladimir, Kostroma, Vologda and Tver regions have gathered there.

The pastor of Yaroslavl Baptist church Sergey Galochkin has opened service by a prayer.

The bishop on the Yaroslavl and Kostroma regions Sergey Didovets preached on the subject "Responsible minister". He has emphasized those qualities which the minister has to possess.

The sister Lyudmila Petrash has glorified the Lord.

Brothers from Kostroma have also sung.

The bishop of the Tver region Igor Kudryashov has told a sermon about relations between God and His minister.

Brothers from Udomlya Baptist church have glorified God by singing.

The brother Alexander Medvedev from the Udomlya Baptist church has told his testimony.

The following topic "Minister and Church" was covered by the bishop on the Vologda region Vitaly Baranov.

The lunch break has been announced, and we continued communication at a table.

Stas and Lyudmila Petrash have sung.

Brothers from Cherepovets, the Vologda region have glorified God.

The missionary from Totma, Vologda region, has told the testimony about his ministry and about God's blessings in this work. He has also glorified God by singing.

The brother Andrey from Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata, has also told the testimony on how the Lord has found him.

The brother Tikhon from Verkhovazhsk church, Vologda region, has told about his ministry and has sung.

Bishops have told about their churches and have answered questions which were asked by brothers.

We have sung together.

Vladimir Egorov who is the presbyter of Vladimir Baptist church, preached on the subject "Ministers and World".

Lyudmila Petrash has sung.

The testimony on Gideon ministry was heard.

Then singing has sounded.

Brothers from the Kostroma region have glorified God.

We are grateful to the Lord for this fine opportunity for brothers to meet each other and to praise Him.