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4. Church youth.

The Udomlya church always differed rather a youth considerable quantity. From the beginning of formation of church the youth took active part in a church life. The first youth were: Aleksey Solov’ov (in the future the pastor of church), Armen Oganisjan, Svetlana Zhigunov, Dima Urvantsev. A bit later in church there was a young family of Korovin, Sergey Sergeev. In August, 1993 to Udomlya on a constant residence there has arrived a family of Solov’ov from which brother Mikhail and sister Elena have begun at once dialogue with youth.

At week-days (Monday, Thursday, Saturday) gathered on apartments basically at Aleksey Solov’ov or at Armen Oganisjan. Meetings were the most different. Here prepared for Sunday divine service, prepared choral singing (in a unison), spent Word analysis, co-ordinated work of missions ("Every home for Christ", etc.). Considerable time was taken away on analysis of not clear places of the Bible. Aleksey was the head of youth. He also spent general meetings when there did not come V.Volochok brothers. Young brothers (Aleksey, Armen, Mikhail, Vitaliy) started to preach.

In October, 1993 the first holiday of the Harvest has been had. On a holiday there were many invited townsmen, and also brothers and sisters from V.Volochok. In November of the same year have begun evangelism work. Materials of Christian mission " Every home for Christ" were used. The essence was in the following. On the first evangelism addresses of those people which wished to receive the additional Christian literature have been collected. The youth also was engaged in It. Have broken into groups on 2-3 persons and went on apartments, inviting people to meeting. After this mission have come: Natalia Gnevashev, Elena Abrakov, Marina Fedotov.

Those years communicated basically only with youth from V.Volochok, with other churches of our area have got acquainted later.

The first New year which met in village Sanikovo in Sergey Sergeev’s house was very brightly remembered. (1993-1994г.г.), and also the first Easter at school №4 (on May, 1st, 1994) to which there was a preparation within a month. The holiday was rather blest, wishing to hear Word of God was much. This day to youth one more brother Eugenie Ovsyannikov has increased. In the summer in August, 1994 there was a first youth campaign in village Starosele with spending the night. Bright impressions of this campaign have remained till now.

The youth worked also on church building. Performed any work, basically the subsidiary. Repeatedly it was necessary to prepare directly on building for Sunday services. Despite building, spiritual work did not stop. Lessons with children were conducted. To them carried lessons "To see and be" and "Club of travellers". In the summer of 1995 again have renewed work on mission " Every home for Christ". This time have bypassed the rest of a new city, an old part and village Sanikovo. Carried brochures "Road to a life" and children's brochures. The summer of 1995 was remembered also by arrival of brothers and sisters from Germany (12 people). In V.Volochok the Christian camp which settled down in forest about lake has been organised at this time. With youth believers from Germany very close relations were entered into.

Were repeatedly spent evangelism at a cinema "Star". Long time visited a house for aged in village the Kotlovan. In the summer of 1996 every Sunday within a month went in village Mishnevo and spent there evangelism services in a recreation centre.

On July, 27th, 1996 in church there has passed the first wedding. For one year (since summer of 1996 till summer of 1997) in church there were 4 weddings.