Sunday School

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3. Development of Sunday school.

The idea of the organisation has arisen in 1993 when gathered at school №4. The premise was, to expel us while gathered nobody, hence, possibility was. Employment passed before Sunday divine service on the third floor in Lyudmila Hrustalov's class. The beginning of employment was at 14 o'clock. Employment spent Elena Solov'ov and Svetlana Zhigunov. On lessons came from ten to fifteen persons at the age from five till eleven years. On employment our young teachers (to Elena was then twenty, and Svetlana sixteen years) told Bible stories, studied with children of a song. A teaching material at that time was not, it was necessary to draw. Songs first studied without accompaniment and, subsequently Svetlana has mastered game on a guitar.

For the first Easter (on May, 1st, 1994) the group of Sunday school has presented the celebratory program. Children told verses, sang Easter songs. After Easter to gather at school have forbidden (see chapter 1). The church gathered in a school court yard. Employment have forcedly interrupted for one year. Only in May, 1995, having undergone fair quantity of moving, the church has found temporary rest. At this time employment at Sunday school have renewed. By this time the church of V.Volochok has given to us in time using fannelegraph. There was a good teaching material. Though children began to come much less. At times came only 3-4 persons aged till 6 years. By this time have started to work with children under the program "To see and be", and also "Club of travellers for teenagers". The essence consisted in the following. On evangelism which then were spent, all interested person offered correspondence Bible employment, and also the literature. It was necessary to leave the address only. Further youth groups went to these addresses, distributed lessons, the literature. Children who have finished training under the program, were invited in church for delivery of diplomas.

In 1995-96 conducted lessons in group of the prolonged day at Lyudmila Hrustalov (0th class of 6 years). Within all academic year of employment passed well, but approximately in March it has ceased to be pleasant to some parents, and they came earlier to take away the children. In the prayer house on Prigorodnaya, 22 the Sunday school had a class, the truth, it simultaneously was also a locker room and library. Here children have divided on two groups. Sisters Elena and Svetlana together conducted lessons in both groups. In November, 1996 from Sunday school the teenage group of youth, employment with which was already allocated, brothers spent Igor Kudryashov and Mikhail Solov’ov. To Christmas of 1996-97 were the big program is prepared. Children of Sunday school read verses and sang songs, two sketches have shown youth of teenage group. From the end of January, 1997 Elena had maternity leave, and lessons spent Svetlana. In March to it to the aid has come Valentine Solov'ov, taking younger group. After summer vacations younger group took Galina Korovin, and senior by March, 1998 again Elena, but already Ovsyannikov (she married and changed last name).

1998 was very sated for Sunday school. In April, 1998 for Easter the youth group has visited a children's shelter with the celebratory program. About two months to us have allowed to visit a children's shelter. Employment with children under the program of Sunday school spent in two groups. Senior Elena, and younger Galina conducted. However after two months the shelter administration has forbidden to conduct lessons with children. The next visiting of a shelter managed to be undertaken only to Christmas (January, 1999), with the celebratory program for children.

In described time (1998-1999) in church existed two groups of Sunday school. Younger group-children at the age of 4-6 years. Employment spent Galina Korovin. The senior group-children of 8-10 years. Employment spent Elena Ovsyannikov. For these years celebratory programs have been prepared many: for the Harvest holiday, Christmas, a holiday of parents, Easter.

In June, 1999 children of Sunday school went in Christian camp which was organised by V.Volochok church. In July of the same year on the basis of summer camp of school №4 Galina Korovin and Vyacheslav Komarov conducted lessons "Bible school on a vacation". The program included a Bible lesson, creative work and sports. In August of employment have forbidden to spend. Since September, 1st, 1999 one more group of Sunday school was formed. Younger group Elena Shirokov began to conduct, average Lyudmila Gerchikov, senior Lena Ovsyannikov. Galina Кorovin was switched to service in suburb of Udomlya. On Christmas holidays it was possible to organise visiting of children's club "Reef" where have told to present children and their parents about the Holiday. At present (2000) at church three groups operate. Younger average and already teenage group "Pigeon".