Celebration of the 20 anniversary of church

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On November 11 celebration of 20-year anniversary of church took place.

More than two hundred people gathered for a holiday.

The choir of our church glorified the Lord solemn singing.

At the beginning of church service a salutatory word said mayor of Udomlya Alexander Litvinenko.

He congratulated church and noted importance of work which is made by our church.

Together with group of glorification we continued to sing to the Lord.

The Niva group from Vyshny Volochek glorified the Lord.

Then Gennady Gorbunov preached. He spoke about the peace which is sent to our hearts by the Lord.

During the holiday the photo report about church which was prepared by Nikolay Melnikov was shown.

Children from Sunday school presented as a gift colourful balloons.

Vitaly Korovin - pastor of Bezhetsk church congratulated us and noted that on God's favor we are live and we are His children. He also glorified God singing.

Bishop Pavel Stukov noted warmth and a cosiness which is felt in our church. Once we opened a door of the heart for the Christ and He entered into our life and changed it miraculously.

Group of sisters of Cymry church sang in glory of God.

And then our youth showed statement how Jesus Christ changes our life.

With a salutatory word the pastor of the Rzhev church Mikhail Solovyev said to the church. He together with a family sang the song about God's love.

Further the video film about church which was mounted by Andrey Kuziv was shown. In this film congratulations from the Chairman of the Russian Baaptist Union Alexey Smirnov, and also other leading brothers sounded.

During the holiday our newly-married couple - Artem and Julia was presented. The prayer over them was made by the Bishop across the Tver region Pavel Stukov.

In conclusion of church service all pastors and deacons made a blessing prayer over church.

The holiday proceeded. After church service we had a pilaf.

Special gratitude is to our sisters who worked in kitchen that all of us is so tasty to feed much.

Thus, communication proceeded in a dining room, and also in a church service hall. It was very convenient to accept food - it was distributed in disposable containers.

On holiday also there were correspondents of Regional Television of Udomlya, and also other invited guests.

We are so grateful to our Lord Who kept us all these twenty years and presented to us such remarkable holiday.