Women service

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Women service in church is a service of Christian women for women in church, at home and in a society in glory of our Lord Jesus Christ any work.

The primary goals:

To raise a role of the woman, as invaluable person who has been created and expiated by God;
To help women to deepen the belief, to promote their spiritual growth and updating;
To induce each sister to use the talents granted by God, uniting them with talents of other sisters and brothers, for joint service to God, church and people;
To unite women of church in the spirit of Jesus Christ for hardening of friendship, mutual support, a fruitful exchange of ideas and the information, rendering assistance in the decision of personal problems (spiritual, emotional, physical etc.);
To direct unique abilities of sisters on the decision of the problems facing church, to search for ways of active Christian service for women.

Activity kinds

Female spiritual meetings.

Groups on interests.

Personal Evangelism.

Every 3-rd Sunday a month at 17.00 there are seminars for sisters in church.

Service «Moms in a prayer» - the head - Svetlana Melnikova. Service is spent on Sundays - 2 times a month.

Service "the Night women prayer" - the head - Lyudmila Zhigunova. Service is spent on Fridays at 23.00.

Prayer is a basis of any service.

• The Personal prayer

• The Weekly prayer about different needs

• The Prayer chain

The head of women service – Lyudmila Gerchikova.