Pray for Christians in Eritrea

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In Eritrea, metal containers and underground dungeons serve as a form of torture for Christians

unwilling to join government controlled churches.

Everyday these Christians are faced with the decision to recant their faith or be jailed in these containers in desert locations and experience scorching and freezing temperatures, both day and night.

There are believed to be as many as 3,000 Christians currently held in these containers. Many are placed in a "helicopter" position where the hands and feet of the victim are tied behind the back whilst forced to lie on the ground face down outside in the desert sun. This is a punishment that is usually assigned for one or two weeks; however there are reports of prisoners being kept in this position for as long as 55 days.

In 2011, five Christians who were subjugated to this type of torture died as a result of their treatment at the hands of the Eritrean government. Eritrean Christians who manage to flee successfully from the "North Korea" of Africa (as Eritrea is often called) suffer from the realization that their family members will likely be forced to pay heavy fines or face imprisonment as a result of their escape.

Please take a moment now and let a voice of your prayer be heard on behalf of those who have lost their freedom for their faith!