Pray for China

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China Continues Its Anti-Church Campaign without Signs of Stopping

Dear Friend,

International Christian Concern (ICC) continues to follow the developing situation in China as the country continues its widespread and massive anti-church crackdown with 360 churches in Zhejiang province alone having been destroyed and/or their crosses (or steeples) torn down. On the morning of June 20, 2014, believers from Yahui Church of Pingyang County responded in a peaceful protest as the government lowered the church's cross. Believers burst into tears and sang a hymn, "Cross, cross, be my glory forever; all my sins have been washed away by the blood of Jesus."

Watch the powerful video here:

Please stop and pray fervently for China:
- Pray for the safety of the Christians in China who are defending their churches from demolition or modification. Christians in the area have vowed to "guard their church to the end."
- Pray for the Christians in China who are targeted and often attacked, oppressed, and harassed by the government simply for their faith in Christ.
- Pray for the blessing of the millions of Christians in China who are forced to worship in underground house churches.
- Pray for courage and faith of the Christians who are taking a stand against the government crackdown.
- Pray that the truth about the anti-church campaign will be revealed and China's treatment of Christians will gain the international attention it warrants.
- Pray for the unity of the Church in China facing persecution.

Sincerely in Christ, Jeff King
President, ICC