Youth Forum

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In the beginning of July the Youth Forum took place.

Our group of Worship from Borovichi had opportunity to serve at the Youth Forum.

It was promoted also by certain circumstances which our team connected with God's will.

The place for holding the Forum was the unusual-beautiful nature with a fresh wind and a beautiful lake...

A variety of sermons presented from preachers was pleasant. Remarkable seminars and sessions went here. It would be desirable to note especially a talk-show which helped to see speakers of the Forum in more informal atmosphere.

Personally I received a lot of useful information at sessions under names "Well to live won't forbid for God!" and "We go to save the world!"

It would be desirable to express gratitude to all organizers of this Forum, in particular, to Vladimir Volkov and Andrey Kuziv because we cooperated with them concerning our participation in last action.

Especially we grateful to people who served in the kitchen.

The food was very tasty, and supervision over coordination and organization of sisters in Christ - pleasant.

We thank our God for the fine time we spent at the Youth Forum in Vyshny Volochyok!

Evgeny Litvinenko